TIn a video, the firm claimed the trains would add only minimal traffic to the surrounding neighborhoods because trains would pass through urban stops in about 46 seconds. As for noise, the firm says the trains are lightweight yielding less clamor on the tracks. The project will improve existing tracks to reduce sound.


ave you been to the doctors lately and took a look at the nurses work shoes. Many nurses wear the same type of nursing shoe because they need comfort and support. Most nurses are on their feet all day and they normally pull some really long shifts especially if they work in a hospital. "It's interesting that in the fall, root vegetables like yams and carrots, which are all very rich in Vitamin A and antioxidants, which play a huge role in immunity, come up in our diet," he explains. "If you focus on eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, you'll get all of the immune boosting vitamins and minerals you need without having to think about supplements." He adds that a wide variety of mushrooms, including shitakes and even plain old white buttons, have also been proven to improve immune function. And since, according to Mullin, it has now been firmly established that the gut is the center of immunity, he suggests regularly eating yogurt with probiotics, which help maintain healthy gut flora. It was just like any usual pretty sunrise for ages, then all of a sudden the sun hit the clouds in just the right way, and the horizon and sky turned gold. It only lasted a few minutes. I love our pink sunsets too.

3. Morrison fighting off tears after Gonzaga blew a big lead to UCLA, even though the Zags still had a slim chance with 2.6 seconds remaining. As reader Carl Williams joked the next day, "I haven't seen such a raw display of emotion since Rollergirl begged Amber Waves to be her mother during a coke binge in 'Boogie Nights.


.Bert Fish Medical Center in New Smyrna Beach has named a new CEO. Ed Noseworthy, administrator for the 225 bed Florida Hospital East Orlando, will start his new duties at the Volusia hospital on Jan. 2.

Ludwick took advantage of the good fortune and followed with a two run single to give the Reds a 3 1 lead. "He is improving," manager Bryan Price said. "He played catch today.


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